Herbal Tea of Mullein great for Respiratory Relief


My friend has a cold that has lingered a little long. Her cold began  as an allergy to pollen, and the spring season, as her immune system weakened, a cold eventually settled in her chest with a deep cough. I thought we would go together to pick some Mullein, instead of just getting it for her. Alas we found Mullein. She remarked at the big furry leaves. As she was busy looking at the leaves, I was busy looking at the small snake coiled right next to it. I thought this is a good sign, good medicine for her. She did not see the snake at first it blended in so well and couldn’t believe I did.Common Mullein Plant

We walked further to see if there was more mullein. When we came back the snake was gone. According to Ted Andrews, in short, Snake medicine is symbolic of change, transition and healing. So in continuity of this thinking, I took this as a sign that this mullein tea would be of real benefit to her. I also picked some violet leaves, mint, and Comfrey to add to this. I had her chop it up and we made a 24 hour herbal infusion, a nice strong brew for her to drink over the next couple of days. It is good to make your own medicine and be a participant in your healing.
I often see the deer munching on the leaves of mullein as I am sure it is food and medicine to them. It is good for respiratory infections, bronchial infections, coughs and asthma. It has astringent, demulcent, and expectorant properties. It can be soothing to the throat and sinuses as well and help decrease inflammation.
Mullein flower makes great ear infection oil.
The leaves can be used as a poultice to help decrease inflammation and contains anti- bacterial properties.
The huge leaves need to be washed well to remove any pollen or potential allergens.
Dip them in boiled water to get them limp and warm, place on a thin cloth over the chest as a poultice. Cover the herb with another cloth to insulate further to keep it as hot or warm as is tolerable to the skin. Cover this with a towel to keep insulated. This is like natures heating pad.  Leave the poultice on for as long as is comfortable to soothe the lungs and chest and decrease inflammation and break up the congestion experienced. Whenever wildcrafting, be sure to pick plants in a pesticide free zone.

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6 Responses to Herbal Tea of Mullein great for Respiratory Relief

  1. Arya says:

    I just found your blog and I adore it! It’s hard find good blogs about herbals. I’m trying to learn as much as I can. Health care is so expensive and often ineffective.

    Do you know of any herbs that might be good to help treat the Rhumatoid Arthritis? My mother suffers from it. The doctors have her injecting Enbrel, a drug containing a type of latex to control it but it doesn’t seem to work. They told her she has to stay on it a full six months (three more to go) before they’ll try something else. She’s likely going to have to go back on prednisone but the side-effects are terrible.

    I’ve read that stinging nettle and chickweed can help…

    • julie says:

      Hi Arya,

      Yes, Stinging Nettle is helpful for this condition. As a tea infusion, steeping about 2 Tbs of Nettle leaf in 8 oz. of hot water. About 2 cups a day. Capsules of Nettle Leaf extract are also available.
      Rheumatoid Arthritis is a complicated disease that affects many aspects of a persons immune system, which can include food allergies, digestion,gastrointestinal system, as well as other body systems.
      The main goal is to try to reduce inflammation and pain, which is what traditional medicine tries to do, but the drugs used have challenging side affects.
      Chickweed would be good for the overall tonic effect it has on the body. It is especially good for hot conditions, so it certainly could help. As a natural diuretic, it could support the body in a nutritive and cleansing way.
      I would concentrate on the herbs that help with inflammation, such as ginger root, licorice, and turmeric. Omega-3 fatty acids, Flax or Fish Oil help with stiffness and inflammation. Herbal topical agents in the form of creams with ingredients such as capsaicin, turmeric, and ginger can also help but are sometimes a little hot on the skin, so the tolerance is very individual.
      Yoga and stretching is also beneficial, and can easily be put into a daily routine, in helping the body and mind remain flexible.

      Be mindful of any interactions with medications being taken.

  2. KOLAHR says:

    I have been searching online for Herbal Respiratory Relief remedies for my husband who just quit smoking after 35 years of cigs & cigars so the poor thing is suffering from heavy coughing and heavy breathing. I purchased a Nebulizer to help him and will be taking him to a Pulmunary Specialist this week to check him out but I am a true believer in the earth’s natural herbs. I will try the Mullein Leaves and let you know how they worked for him. Thanks.

    • julie says:

      Part of the detoxification process of the body is the increased coughing and mucous production after quitting smoking.
      Additional herbs to try with soothing properties like licorice root and marshmallow help with the mucous membranes to soothe and decrease inflammation. Good Luck.

    • Keith says:

      Do not suppress his symptoms, very dangerous. His body wants to expell 30 years of tar and soot. As long as a person is not drowning in their fluids, like perhaps an epidemic flu like small pox might do, synptoms should be supported. Plants most often work this way, drugs do not. Also important is fever. I read people all the time tjat want to suppress a fever. But it is anproper body response. I once read lyme is a spirochete, forget the exact temp but spirochetes die at 105 and the body maxes out fever at say 106, curbing fevdr could have lasting disasterous effect. Only pharma makes out. The age of relying on others for health is over. Be well folks

  3. Jann says:

    Hi there julie! Thanks to your blog i got more info regarding mullein tea…i was searching for some remedy for asthma till i reach your page :) my son 5yrs.old has asthma since he was 1yr old i think it’s genetic i was diagnosed with asthma when i was a kid also and on my husband’s family there’s also some history…this year he already got 3 attacks and we are so worried as per his pediatrician’s advise the next attack would definitely go into hospital confinement and that’s why as a mom i’m into searching of something that can cure his asthma whether herbal or natural supplement i will try it just for the sake of my son’s liberty from asthma…it really hurts seeing him in this difficult situation and what’s more worrying is this can lead to death which i think most of the parents would not want to happen to their children as early as now…is mullein tea okay for kids aged 5? Or if you know other herbal co.where can i buy the mullein leaf please let me know…thank you very much…God Bless!

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