Sunscreen Guide from the FDA

After 33 years, the FDA has finally decided to apply some rule to Sunscreens. Unfortunately they have fallen woefully short of truly protecting consumers.

The good part of the FDA’s ruling is the ban on terms such as “waterproof” “sweatproof” and “sunblock.” These claims have been deemed misleading.
However, harmful ingredients such as oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate and several other ingredients containing Vitamin A in sunscreens despite scientists’ concerns about their toxicity are still allowed

FDA’s new standards don’t go far enough to protect you from the sun,” said David Andrews, Ph.D, a senior scientist with Environmental Working Group. “Consumers will have to turn elsewhere, like EWG’s online guide, to find the safest, most effective sunscreens. After 33 years of delay, it is evident people just can’t trust FDA on this issue.”

About 20% of the sunscreen products sold in the U.S. would not be allowed in Europe where UVA rules are strict.

Please read the labels. For more information visit the EWG Website

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